Requirements for Course Participants

  • Ability to perform a different radius turns while parallel skiing
  • The desire to learn and develop
  • To adhere to the rules of conduct at the ski resort

Equipment Requirements

  • Full ski gear package (carving skis, medium-rigidity boots, ski poles)
  • Ski suit
  • Accessories (a helmet, a mask, gloves)

Task of a course participant

  • studying the peculiarities of ski instructor’s professional work with beginners
  • to master theoretical and methodological knowledge
  • to master the skills to assess the performance of technical elements, to spot mistakes in skiing technique, and correct them with the help of technical drills.
  • learning the safety rules of ski lessons

Course Objective

Drilling skills to teach beginners effectively and with quality on prepared pistes.

Course Schedule

Day 0 – check-in and assessment of skiing level

Days 1-7 –  classes on the slope (40 hours) and theoretical classes (20 hours)

Day 8 – an exam on teaching methods

Day 9 – demonstration of skiing techniques

An exam on the theory – after the course finished during two weeks


Testing is taken according to three training modules:

  • Theory
  • Methodology
  • Demonstration of technical elements


The examination of theoretical knowledge obtained by a participant during a course is conducted in the form of testing. The test score is carried out in the two-grade system: Passed and Fail.


The examination of professional skills and knowledge is carried out as a practical work (on a slope). A student conducts practical classes with a group.

The quality of conducting classes is assessed according to the following criteria:

  • ability of a participant to teach others to perform any technical element (trained within the course program);
  • choice of a slope;
  • organization of a group;
  • compliance with the methodology;
  • ability to correct students’ mistakes;
  • demonstration of technical elements by a student.

The assessment is carried out in the two-grade system: Passed and Fail.

Demonstration of Technique

The demonstration of the ski technique includes performing four technical elements:

  • a turn in the plow;
  • side sliding;
  • carving turn of the basic level;
  • a basic turn of the long radius while parallel skiing.

During the performance of technical elements, the following is estimated:

  • balanced stance during the demonstration of an element;
  • smooth sliding with speed control;
  • smooth unweighting and weighting of skis;
  • rhythm and timing in all phases of a turn.

The assessment is carried out in a five-point system:

  • “5” – (“excellent”) – Passed;
  • “4” – (“good”) – Passed;
  • “3” – (“satisfactory”) – Passed;
  • “2” – (“not satisfactory”) – Fail;
  • “1” – (“bad”) – Fail.

Successful completion of three out of the four elements is a positive result of mastering the technique.

After the successful completion of a course, you will receive:

  • proficiency of Ski Instructor of the C qualification;
  • certificate of instructor – the conferment of the certificate of the instructor of the C qualification;
  • recommendations for further extension courses;
  • necessary skills and knowledge for professional work as an instructor with beginners;
  • recommendations for employment at Bukovel Ski School.